Did you know you can’t travel on your passport less than 6 months before it expires?

Picture this: You’ve been planning your 2-week trip traveling up the coast of Italy for months now. Before you get to the airport you go through your checklist: passport, check. Phone, check. Ticket, check. Luggage, check. You have everything, you’re ready to go! As you walk up to the check-in counter, the attendant informs you that your passport expires in less than six months and you are unable to travel. All your fun, exciting travel plans have gone out the window!

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your important documents are expiring? Never again would you leave the airport without pizza, pasta, and wine in your belly. 

How can you keep track of your expiration dates that won’t occur for another 10 years?

Keep a Spreadsheet

An Excel spreadsheet is a great option that helps keep track of your upcoming expiration dates. You can organize your important dates into different categories and ensure all your dates are logged. The one area that excel spreadsheets can’t cover is reminding you of your upcoming expirations. In order for this method to work, you need to keep checking in with your spreadsheet.

Set a calendar reminder on your phone.

Calendar reminders serve to eliminate the reminder issue we spoke about above. You can input your due dates and set reminders in whatever calendar format you prefer. These calendar reminders are great when you understand when everything will expire. However, for an item, like your passport, which you can’t travel for six months prior to the expiration date, you may be missing the mark. 

Use LifeHound

LifeHound was created to remind you of these exact important dates that you need to be aware of. LifeHound has preset upload templates that help guide your due date reminders, in order to ensure your information remains up to date and ready to go when you are! LifeHound literally hounds you to get these documents updated with in-app reminders. What are you waiting for? Upload your passport, insurance cards, and driver’s license today! 

Did you know you can't travel on your passport less than 6 months before it expires?