How to Create Good Habits That Last

Creating good habits starts with one simple step—put your insurance information into LifeHound

Everyone knows that high performers and successful people create good habits that stick. The question is… how do these high performers develop and keep these habits that make them successful? There are a few strategies that can help. It’s important to acknowledge that the habits you create are unique to you and the goals you have. You are in control.

When you focus on the behaviors you can control, you are more likely to develop an action plan to reach your goals. While the process of creating habits is unique to you, we have a few tips to help get you started!

Get Clear

Start by getting clear on your goals, who you are, and whom you want to become. Starting with a clear intention will help guide the process of creating habits that stick. The purpose, or the ‘why’ behind your actions, is what will drive your motivation to continue the good habits you’ve created.

habit creation infographicStart Small

Small actions make up the big picture of success. Doing a simple task consistently makes it easier to keep. Want to start reading more? Start with telling yourself you’ll read one page a night. Soon enough, you’ll be reading at least one chapter a night, because let’s be honest… who can only read one page of a book?! Want to start tracking your important documents and expiration dates? Start by inputting your insurance information into LifeHound, on day two, input your warranty claims, and so on!

Large habits are made up of different, smaller habits. That’s where the real success lies.

Establish Your Routine

The tiny habits that you started with above should be integrated into your daily routine. Write these habits down, check them off your list, and eventually, they will become part of your daily life. All your goals are possible when you commit to them and make time to work toward them.

Celebrate Your Success!

Celebrating your good habits is key to your success. As B.J Fogg explains in his book, Tiny Habits, celebrating your habits is key to your success. This can be a little dance, a fist pump, or rewarding yourself with 10 minutes of free time. Use whatever celebration that comes naturally to you, because it will have more meaning behind it! 

Make Associations

Associate your tiny habits with parts of your day that are already part of your routine. Let’s say you want to make your bed every morning. Because typically the first thing you do is brush your teeth, think to yourself, “After I brush my teeth, I make my bed.” Soon, you will automatically make your bed after brushing your teeth.

Journal About It!

Analyzing your progress is important to creating lasting habits. This process helps you celebrate your wins, contemplate your mistakes, and create plans that magnify the impact of your habits. 

Find an App to Help You

Utilizing LifeHound can have a direct impact on your daily life. When you first begin LifeHound, we help you start creating a habit out of inputting your important information into the software. We remind you (in your email inbox) to start inputting one thing at a time. Once you’re finished with the email series, you’ll have the large majority of your information in there and then you can continue on with the documents unique to your needs! Start using LifeHound today… it’s free!