You Just Purchased a New Appliance… Now What?

The time has finally come! You wave goodbye to your old washer and dryer, refrigerator, whatever the old leaky appliance might be, and hello to its shiny, new replacement. It’s always fun to purchase something new! But wait, you’re not done just yet. 

There are steps you can take after purchasing a new appliance to save yourself from future stress and frustration. Here are nine steps to do after you’ve purchased a new appliance.

Hold onto Important Documents

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking your packaging or product documents that come with your appliance! This includes any receipts and the appliance manual. We know, it’s easy to get caught up in the unboxing of the appliance! Typically, your receipt will be needed for warranty repairs and returns.

Your receipt might also include guarantees about appliance replacements. Your manual contains important information beyond installation instructions. We recommend you fold up both of these documents and file them away for safekeeping. For those who decide to keep the appliance’s packaging, you might fold and tape your documents to its box and store it away that way.

Want an extra life hack? Save a photo of your sales receipt using LifeHound. This way, it won’t get lost in the abyss of your phone’s photos!

Record Important Dates

Make note of your purchase/order date as well as the date you received your appliance. Remember, the difference between the two is important as your warranty may not begin until its delivery date. 

Don’t cut your warranty short!

Do You Know the Magic Number?

Write down your appliance’s model number and serial number. If your item needs servicing, you will need this information. Additionally, on the off chance that your appliance is stolen, you will have the necessary numbers for that scenario as well.

You Might Have a Warranty, But It Doesn’t Matter Unless…

You register your appliance! To ensure your warranty is in effect, set aside a moment after purchasing your appliance to do so. When you register the appliance with its manufacturer, you will receive information about defect notices, recalls, and might even receive an extended warranty just for registering. One can typically register their appliance online or by mail.

Why not get an extra year of support for a mere five minutes of your time!?

Manufacturer Warranties

After purchasing a new appliance, write down its manufacturer warranty information. Then, set a reminder in LifeHound before the warranty expires so that if you need to have your appliance repaired or encounter an issue, you are able to fix it before it’s too late.

Extended Warranties

Oftentimes, we forget where we’ve put our extended warranties. Be sure to take note of any that you’ve purchased. Take a picture of who the warranty is with, how to report an issue, and when it expires. When you use LifeHound, you can additionally make a reminder for when your extended warranty expires!

Whether or not the warranty is worth it will prove itself after your appliance’s warranty expires. In other words, you’ll see if purchasing the warranty was worth it! Taking this step will encourage you to make better decisions in the future.

All In One Place

To make things as easy as possible, write down all necessary information (i.e. purchase date, cost, and so on) directly onto your appliance’s manual. Then, tape your receipt onto the cover of your manual to keep everything in one convenient location. You can house all product manuals and receipts in a common folder to maximize organization.

If you lose track of their manuals, contact your manufacturer or visit their website for assistance. You might also consider searching your appliance’s make and model number along with the words ‘product manual’ online to locate a digital copy.

Take a Picture, It Lasts Longer!

While we’ve already mentioned recording photos above, be sure to add digital photos of your manuals, installation information, and so on in LifeHound. This way, you’ll have them handy if you ever need to uninstall an item or have it serviced.

Now, The Fun Part!

Enjoy your brand new purchase! With LifeHound, purchasing a new appliance is all fun and no stress! Use its special features and take manufacturer recommendations into place. Store its accessories in a convenient place so as not to lose anything. LifeHound offers the services to keep you organized and prepared for all your organizational needs. 

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How to Start Your Digital Organization Process

So your cereal boxes are color-coded… but what about your important documents?

I think by now we’ve all watched the Home Edit, or at least heard of it. And I think we can all collectively say “WOW, I never thought organized cereal boxes would bring me such joy.” I mean c’mon, rainbow sorted cereal boxes have never looked so satisfying! Imagine how organizing your important documents would make you feel if cereal boxes and clothes could make you feel this much happiness!

Never again would you have to search through a file cabinet full of papers to find that one specific document from 10+ years ago! I think most people fall into the hoarder category when it comes to important, and even not-so-important paperwork. Something about throwing these documents away seems so difficult. 

That’s exactly why we created LifeHound. LifeHound provides a one-stop-shop for the organization and management of all of your important documents. Not to mention, you receive notifications when stored items are about to expire! All you have to do is input the information. Not only will you know when your Driver’s License or insurance is about to expire, but you can also input that warranty you’ve been meaning to take advantage of or that free trial that charges you after 30 days. 

I mean… what could be better than that?! Knowing where your documents are AND getting reminded to update them when you need to. Count me in. 

From our experience, an area of challenge for our customers is actually inputting the information. We get it … we really do. Procrastination is a thing. This is why we’re outlining a few ways to input your information into your LifeHound account. 

Get it all done in one

So your cereal boxes are color-coded... but what about your important documents?

An overhaul of your document organization may be necessary to get you started on this somewhat daunting process. When taking this route, you’ll need to gather all your important documents. This includes your Driver’s License, passport, insurance cards, car registration… all of it! Get it all together in one place, and then start inputting the details into LifeHound. 

Once you’ve added all of your important documents, you’ll only need to add new information as you receive it. Talk about ripping off the band-aid! I mean you can even add your prescriptions. We’ll remind you to get it filled and pick it up. There’s nothing you can’t add and get reminded to renew or cancel. 

Take baby steps to reach the big goal

Another way to get the same result as mentioned above is to take baby steps towards uploading your information. We understand that inputting all of your information at once can be time-consuming, daunting, and let’s face it, not much fun. If one big inputting session is going to overwhelm you, start by inputting one document a day. You can continue to input others as often as you can fit it into your schedule. 


It can be scary inputting your information into the dark abyss of the web, but we’ve thought of that too. Your important information is just as important to us as it is to you, and we want to ensure your documentation remains secure and safe from potential cyber threats. LifeHound guards your life and your important documents with bank-level security.

Let’s get started!

We believe in the power of our app, which is why it’s available to download for free. Sign up today, no credit card required! Start on the free plan, and begin adding your information however you choose. Create a record, upload photos of your documents, and see how easy it is to start getting organized with LifeHound. Sign up for your free trial here.